Project PERSONALIS's partners

"Transcending borders, project after project"  this is the saying of the INTERREG program which made it possible to concretize this international collaboration

The international teams, located on both sides of the Rhine, have come together to advance towards a common objective: To enable healthcare professionals to provide better diagnosis and treatment to patients suffering from rare diseases linked to the field of immunology. It brings together the various research poles, the references of which you will find below.

University of Strasbourg  Project coordinating entity

The University of Strasbourg, thanks to the dynamism and involvement of its researchers, initiated this project. More precisely, the person of Thierry Martin, from the immunology center of the Strasbourg University Hospital, is the project leader.

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland  co-beneficiary of the project

The Northwestern Switzerland University of Applied Arts and Sciences is a beneficiary partner of the project. She and accepted to join us as part of this project, was chosen for her interest in immunology and among other things, to share with us her know-how and skills in the field of Computer Science.

Freiburg University  co-beneficiary of the project

The University of Freiburg is one of our beneficiary partners of the project. This German university shares several European projects with the University of Strasbourg. The quality of its medical research center and its proximity to the University of Strasbourg make it an essential partner for a project of this size.

Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz  co-beneficiary of the project

The University of Mainz is one of our beneficiary partners of the project. This German university joined us for its interest and involvement in rare disease data.

Associated partners

Associated partners

The INTERREG program

A big thank you to them, without whom the project would not have happen. The INTERREG program and the European Union.